罗莉莉— shows up alongside my name when you first come to my portfolio. Those Chinese characters are my Chinese name— luó lì lì.  A name given to me to retain a link to the culture my parents and ancestors were brought up in, they are the only Chinese characters beyond basic phrases that I know how to read or write.

For me, much of my link to my cultural heritage has been erased in attempts to assimilate and emphasize the "American" piece of my Chinese American identity. When redesigning my portfolio and considering whether or not to include my Chinese name, I asked myself if I was catering to the White gaze or orientalizing myself. That's still a question I'm always exploring both personally and in my design philosophy.

My passion for art direction, branding, and marketing lies in the opportunity to tell peoples' stories, as a byproduct of the various identities I call my own, I seek to do so by practicing inclusive marketing and centering my work in authentic storytelling.